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About the fundraiser:

For every print sold, $25 will be donated to the Cumberland County Agricultural Land Preservation Program. 

The purpose of the Cumberland County Agricultural Land Preservation Program is to protect viable agricultural lands by acquiring agricultural conservation easements that prevent the development or improvements of land for any purpose other than agricultural production. In 2018, the Cumberland County Agricultural Land Preservation Program is celebrating 25 years of preserving 19,000 acres of farmland for future generations.  

About Preserving Our Farmland:

My intention is to weave a tapestry of playful color into fields and mountains to evoke the spiritual as well as the physical nature of the landscape. Colored pencil marks are arranged on the surface to create the symphony of life that resides below the surface, as the fertile soil nourishes our rural region and purpose-driven way of life. Art meets the declaration of intention in this drawing series with the hopes of saving our farmland from encroachment and returning it to the farmer, who remains the gatekeeper and steward of Pennsylvania’s greatest asset. As rainbows refract their spectrum, stirring energy, the land is imbued with the love and appreciation from the artist’s hand. The color combinations mingle to energize the farmland with grace and protection from the heavens.

About the artist:

Kate McGraw grew up in the bucolic setting of the bustling agriculture of Monroe Township amid the sprawling blankets of fertile farmland. Kate earned a BA and BFA from Penn State University in 2001, and an MFA from Brooklyn College in 2013.  She has exhibited widely for 15 years, most recently in Brooklyn, Baltimore, San Diego, Pittsburgh and Washington, DC. Kate remains a committed artist and community advocate focusing on agricultural issues and historical conservation in her hometown of Boiling Springs in Monroe Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. 


Contact Kate for more information: